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Richard Jackson

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Richard is married to Nancy Jackson (31 years) and they have three boys - Ryan, Zach, and Joshua.  Richard and Nancy live in Massillon, OH, and are now Real Estate Agents in Stark County, OH.  Both of them are highly involved in their community and support many Sporting teams in their area.

Dave Jackson

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Dave is married to Lisa Jackson (32 years) and they have two boys - Danial and Andrew.  Dave and Lisa live in Anaheim, CA, and are both working professionally in their respective fields.  Both of them are avid sports fans, but root for different teams in the NFL (Rams and Redskins).  They both agree on the Anaheim Angels as their Baseball team!!!

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Devine Family Campout

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The Devine Family Campout is an event that everyone within the Devine Family can count on.  Every year looks different with many different attendees from year to year.  From the events, games, visiting, and talent shows, each year brings a whole new experience for all.  Come and be a part of Where Family Happens!!!!

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2020 Coordinators Dave and Richard Jackson

     (Tammy is just here for eye candy!)